A downloadable game

Ojo De Dios: Card Battle

A Print & Play Tabletop Game

Number of Players: 2 - 4
Gameplay Time: 20 - 45 minutes (depending on number of players)

Over the last few years we have gradually developed Ojo De Dios: Card Battle as our first collaboration in game design. It started with a simple concept, using cards to fight other players, advance around the board, build combos, and win points! Drawing inspiration from mandala artwork from around the world, we sought to build a theme and setting that conveyed some of the beauty and wonder of these ancient art-forms.

We intend to continue to refine and develop this game, as we've had a lot of fun and learned a lot building it so far and look forward to making it even better.

Welcome to Ojo De Dios! This mysterious island-world floats through a distant plane of spiritual existence and calls itself home to diverse nations of artisans, philosophers, and mystics.

Each morning as the moons rise, denizens of this mandala planet gather to spectate as the Greatest Warriors from each neighbouring nation come together to engage in ritual combat high in the sky!

They fight to maintain balance, to strive for peace, and to prove their courage.

The time has come, join the battle! Take up the challenge as one of the Greatest Warriors of Ojo De Dios. Use your cards to advance around the Arena, attack and defend against your Opponents' cards, and perform daring feats of unique Special Powers!

Strategic use of your cards, tactical maneuvering, and a healthy dose of bluffing will win the day for one fortunate Warrior.

The prize? All the glory of the Arena!

(.zip file includes instruction manual and printable files for cards, boards, and accessories)

note: Project still under development and may differ from future versions.